Storytelling Photography

A photography plan to amplify your brand

People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be invited into a story.

Let's tell your story with a year-round photo plan.

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Sample Instagram Feed

Depicted is an Instagram feed produced for one of the wineries I work with. It incorporates the style and voice that we have crafted together and it represents their brand as the story unfolds. With this approach, the photos stay current and the audience stays engaged.

Main Elements:


Consistent Content

Your business is as efficient as your ability to share it with potential customers - and people are drawn to a good story. Don't operate with expensive seasonal shoots that leave you with one 'style' of images to spread out amongst your content calendar. Let's craft your brand and grow it steadily. Those I partner with essentially have an 'on-call' photographer.


On-Call Collaboration

I am not a marketing agency exchanging shot-lists and plans for money. I am an artist looking to work with a select few businesses. I am invested in the outcome of what I capture for you, because I have a direct investment in the quality of the art I create. You get my cell phone number and a partner to collaborate with.


Photos and Social Media Management

If desired, I will capture images, plan content, and even fulfill the social posting so that it all runs automatically. We can collaborate on specific projects, or you can let me take creative liberty so you can focus on other goals. I can be as much of an asset as you wish me to be.



Can you find something less expensive? Yes. Can you find a better value for the same quality, number of shoots, and flexibility? No.
I am so confident that you will see the value once we start, that I don't lock you into contracts. Just a good ol' fashioned handshake deal. I don't want you paying for something that isn't worth it to you anyways.


Connecting with consumers consistently, and in a meaningful way, is time consuming. I automate that process by planning content, coordinating shoots, and scheduling the content for social media. The easy access to a photographer also makes it convenient to update website images and plan email campaigns of a new product without stress or time constraints. The best part is that with my 'shadowing' approach to photoshoots, they never take away from your business's day to day operations.


Skip the middle-man. Need product photos, drone images, behind-the-scenes content, portraits, and more? Call my number instead of spending weeks back and forth finding a freelancer who you hope matches the style of you last one you worked with to keep your band consistent. Need a reshoot, extra photoshoots, or an extra emergency project one month? Don't worry about any extra fees - I am looking to be an asset to those I work with, not to nickel and dime.


Consumers are tired of being advertised at. They see through that facade of cliche advertisements and posts that are just to fill marketing quotas. My documentary approach to photoshoots also allows me to capture more authentic, life-filled images than what is possible with the staged, industry-standard of commercial photoshoots. It has the bonus of making photoshoots less stressful too.