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A photography plan to amplify your brand

People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be invited into a story.

Let's tell your story with a monthly photo plan.

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Sample Instagram Feed

Depicted is an Instagram feed produced for one of the wineries I work with. It incorporates the style and voice that we have crafted together and it represents their brand as the story unfolds - so the photos stay current and the audience stays engaged. There are a variety of images incorporated: landscape, product, event, and even drone.

Choose a Package:


Monthly PHotos

We will collaborate monthly on a determined number of photoshoots. Photos will then be added to growing gallery of images. I can either shadow the day to day, or we can use the time to plan small projects. After multiple months, you will have an archive of images to pull from that are both up-to-date and filled with variety.


Photos plus Template

This is the same package as the previous and I will also provide a template of recommended social media posts to streamline your social media workflow. Not only does this allow me to capture the images with the social feed in mind, but this resource also saves you time by always having a thoughtfully crafted social presence to utilize.


Photos and Social Media Management

This package makes the most valuable use of the images. I will capture images, plan content, and fulfill the social posting so that it all runs autonomously. We can still collaborate on specific projects, or you can let me take creative lead so you can focus on other goals.



Winemaking is a year-round process. The story behind your winery can't be authentically captured and shared with expensive seasonal photoshoots. Let's spread that cost amongst a more consistent schedule and keep your brand imagery cohesive all year long.


Connecting with consumers consistently, and in a meaningful way, is time consuming. I automate that process by planning content, coordinating shoots, and scheduling the content for social media. The easy access to a photographer also makes it convenient to update website images and plan email campaigns of a new product.


I'm not a marketing agency that is worried about filling quotas. I'm an artist by trade and this allows me to focus on quality instead of quantity. The photos I take won’t look like cliché advertisements. Each one will be worthy of being printed and hung in your living room.

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